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This is what’s happening at Gladmat 2020

Gladmat is most definitely taking place – but in a different format from that of previous years. Here are the first six points of the programme.

We follow the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s guidelines in order to ensure a safe festival for all. Please see here for the relevant guidelines.

– We have been very eager to release our latest news, says Festival Director Maren Skjelde.

– We have really sensed the way in which everybody has pulled together and joined forces throughout the Spring, and we are absolutely delighted to be working with partners who are prepared to go the extra mile in order to put together such a fantastic programme. We want to show that Gladmat is a meeting place for producers, restaurants and food enthusiasts, even if the arena looks a little different this year. It is going to be quite some time until throngs of people can stand in line or can reach out to hug a familiar face in the crowd, but we do know that people are still very keen to meet over a delicious meal. This year, our task is to provide activities and food tailored to the situation in which we find ourselves, and we sincerely hope that you will join us!


Happy Young Chefs

– As always at Gladmat, we shall be offering free cookery courses for children. On Wednesday 22nd. July at midday, we will be showing the premiere of the televised cookery course entitled “Happy Young Chefs” on our Facebook Page, whilst you follow the course from home.

The course is suitable for all those wishing to learn how to make exciting dishes, whilst having fun at the same time, and is aimed at everyone from six to fifteen years of age. Each class lasts for 30 minutes and before it starts, we will let you know which ingredients you need to have to hand, and also which pieces of equipment you will need to use. The teachers will, as usual, be our very talented friends from the National Association of Norwegian Chefs, Rogaland, and from Hage til Mage. This exciting project is also supported by Inge Steensland’s foundation and the Stavanger Community Organisation. There will be opportunities to ask questions during the classes.

– We are looking forward to having you along on our courses this summer!


The Great Treasure Hunt

But the children don’t just have to stay at home in the kitchen in order to take part in Gladmat. We have plenty of activities going on in the great outdoors too.

– All over the county there will be hidden foodie treasures which you will be able to find by solving clues or puzzles. Between 16th. and 25th. July we will be posting information daily on Facebook and on Instagram, helping you to uncover the treasures. This is something that the whole family can have fun getting involved in. 


Kokepunktet Podcast

Kokepunktet (translates: boiling point) is our academic program and has previously been arranged both as a conference and in the festival area. This year’s Kokepunktet is taking on a Corona-friendly, digital form. 

– Along with Storhaug Productions we shall be inviting various chefs, producers, food personalities and food entrepreneurs to take part in some very interesting discussions on the local region’s food and food culture, and these will be in podcast-form. We will be posting details of the various episodes, and where you can hear them, on our web pages.


Gladmat Food Trails

We are unable to hold our usual “Party for the People” in Vågen this year, but we are determined to ensure that our local restaurants are very much a part of the festival. With this in mind, we are collaborating with them and with GuideCompaniet to set up our very own Gladmat Food Trails, which basically take you from restaurant to restaurant.

– Usually during the festival, all of our exhibitors must showcase a specific Gladmat dish, and it is this dish which is judged by both the juries and the newspaper critics. This year, the restaurants will prepare a signature dish which can help introduce them to potential new diners, and for all of those visiting the festival, this set-up will make it easier for them to taste many different dishes. We are very keen to develop this concept further, so these dishes will be served on the Gladmat Food Trails. All food trails must be booked in advance. We are delighted to see our local restaurants so actively involved, and we are looking forward immensely to going round and tasting all that is on offer, says Skjelde.

Once a day we have English speaking food trails.

See here for time schedules and to register for the Gladmat Food trails.


Gladmat in the outdoors

Fancy a Gladmat dish without having to walk the streets of the town centre? Why not come and join us in the mountains, then.

This year, just like last year, we are looking forward to taking some fantastic walks and hikes with Stavanger Turistforening. Using Gramstad in Sandnes as our base, we are going to be planning mountain-top hikes, yoga and of course, food!

See here for more information about time schedules and registration.

Gladmat Market

– Just think that there are going to be food producers in the Market Square this year also! We are so delighted to be able to invite food producers to take part in this year’s Gladmat, even though it will be on a smaller scale than usual. In partnership with Stavanger Sentrum we will be inviting many different talented producers, so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to visit the stalls, taste the new products, hear the stories behind them and to purchase some delicious food items to take home with you at the end of the day.”

More details to follow on market time schedules and producers.

– In the coming weeks we shall be letting you know about additional features to the festival programme, as well as providing further details on these six events”, says Skjelde. 

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